If you are a fan of the “Witcher” series on Netflix, then it should make your day to learn that that we will be able to “toss a coin to your Witcher” , with McFarlane Toys’ first wave of Netflix Witcher action figures. There is Geralt, Jaskier and a Kikimora. All of the Netflix Witcher figures are 7 inch scale versions. There are plans for more figures in the future.

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Geralt comes with a standing base, sword, fabric cloak and armor featured from season one of the Netflix Witcher series. The Kikimora has 22 moving parts and comes with an alternative head, hidden in a concealed hole. You can pretty much act out the battle between Kikimora and the Witcher. Jaskier, Geralt’s sidekick of sorts, comes with his highly recognizable lute, a lute strap and base.

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All of the Witcher action figures are highly articulated. You can pose each figure as you like. The price points are very doable as each Witcher action figure is priced anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99, with the Kikimora coming in around the latter cost.

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