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We often recommend services and products we like. If you buy anything through links on our site, we may earn a commission. There is much more information below.

Last updated: August 1st 2021 is a website property owned by By Pixie LLC. We are geeks at heart and this website is a passion. We work with many aspects of geek culture for full time jobs but dedicate as much time as we can in developing and writing for That being said there are costs associated with running any website. From hosting to paying writers we have a lot of expenses. And so we’ve partnered as an affiliate for several companies. When we find something we personally like, use ourselves, or in general get excited about we put research into that product or service and when we can we partner with those responsible for it as affiliates. This means if you purchase a good or service via a link on we might earn a commission of some kind on it. These links are called “affiliate links.”

We feel it’s important to note that we never promote a product or service simply because that company offers an affiliate program. only promotes products and services that we ourselves would use or suggest to our own family and friends. If we do not believe in it we will not affiliate ourselves with it. All articles are written with this in mind and if there is an affiliate program available we will use affiliate links. If a product or services does not offer these types of incentives we will still write articles about it and link to those products and services just without an affiliate link.

We do not only cover products and services that offer financial incentive instead we offer the same amount of coverage for all products and services. Per our editorial policy, strives to minimize undue bias and external influence in our articles. strives for utmost transparency and authenticity in everything we write.

We are currently partnered or affiliates of the following brands and networks:


Kid Robot

Wild Lil Gamers

Way of the Geek

(We will add that information here as it comes available)

Your experience will not change with an affiliate link (it might get better) Just because you click a link from our website does not mean you will pay more for a product or service. In fact sometimes we are able to offer deals such as discounts and bonuses. We will always notate in an article any information needed.

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