Interview with Laser of the Doubleclicks

The Geek Post often discovers awesome people by attending various conventions. One of the musical duo’s that we are huge fans of are The Doubleclicks. This musical duo from Portland, Oregon, consists of siblings Laser and Aubrey. The duo’s unique blend of quirky, introspective lyrics and catchy, upbeat melodies has garnered a devoted following in the nerd and geek music scene. With multiple albums, collaborations with other artists, and successful Kickstarter campaigns under their belt, they continue to captivate audiences with their thoughtful and entertaining music. Laser took some time to answer a few questions to introduce more about them. Make sure to visit their website, and Laser’s website to learn more, including information about the musical “Teaching A Robot to Love” co/written by Laser.

GP: What inspired you to form The Doubleclicks?

Laser: Hi! I’m Laser. My sister Aubrey and I started the Doubleclicks back in 2009 when I was still in college. We weren’t intending to start a band at the time, but we started writing music, playing at a local open mic, and then got booked on a couple shows! That made us write more songs, and then released them on YouTube which took off in a fun way.

We have released music for 10 years including several albums thanks to our incredible fans.

GP: Have you written any songs about your personal experiences?

Laser: I would say all of my songs are about my personal experiences! My latest album “Overreacting” is an album about being trans and losing and finding love.

The musical I created and produced last year Teaching a Robot to Love is a sci-fi story about the trans experience. It’s about learning to accept change in yourself and others, and also hedgehogs, cheese, and capitalism.

GP: Do you consider yourself a geek?

Laser: Absolutely! I don’t think that label is one of my top ones at the moment (I’m a trans guy, a musician, an activist, a writer of musicals and a fan of positive comedy) — but yes! I like enthusiastic people and games, sci-fi, and being myself.

GP: We know there’s a story behind the cat keyboard. Can you tell us what brought that about?

Laser: Our cousin (who was three at the time) had a cat keyboard and Aubrey really liked it. We got our own when we wanted to play a ninja gig at PAX and didn’t want to sneak in a cello. Then one thing led to another and it’s in a couple of our songs on our early albums, and one of the main things people know about us. It’s very silly and fun.

GP: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who want to blend their passion for music with their love for nerdy topics?

Laser: Go for it! The difference between doing art and not doing art is just spending time creating your art. And lean into your own perspective. Be yourself! Make friends! Make the kind of stuff you’d enjoy listening to.

The Geek Post would like to thank Laser for taking the time to answer questions and allowing us all to get to know him and The Doubleclicks.

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The Geek Post would like to thank Laser for taking the time to introduce the Doubleclicks to our readers. Make sure you check out the many projects that Laser is involved in. We warn you it is quite the rabbit hole and you will find yourself spending hours before you know it.