Interview with Hey Jay Cosplay

It’s important to have things in life that we feel excitement and passion for. When it comes to some in the geek community, cosplay is one of those things. It is fun and creative, and some people seem to really excel at cosplay, but it’s not about who is good or not good. Cosplay is an art form and a way for fans to express themselves and to showcase their love of different fandoms and universes. Hey Jay Cosplay, allows us the chance to peek behind the curtain, past the interesting and wonderful cosplays, and get to know her.

GeekPost: How did you first get into cosplay?

Hey Jay: I’ve always wanted to cosplay but didn’t really have the courage to do it. One day, I finally cosplayed with my best friend at a convention and just never looked back. 

GeekPost: What is your favorite character to cosplay?

Hey Jay: Gambit is such a favorite although it’s been some years since I cosplayed him. I feel comfortable in his outfit, and I actually want to do some upgrades to it.

GeekPost: What are your favorite conventions to attend?

Hey Jay: Blerdcon is such a fun one because I get to see a lot of my online friends and acquaintances in one spot. It’s amazing. 

GeekPost: Do you consider yourself a geek?

Hey Jay: Yeah, I believe so.

GeekPost: What do you do for fun when you’re not cosplaying or working?

Hey Jay: Extroverted me LOVES traveling and hanging with my friends. Introverted me loves binging shows — even some bad funny movies lol

GeekPost: How do you pick who or what you want to cosplay?

Hey Jay: For my closet cosplays, just something that would be fun. For full cosplays, I usually get an idea with a very specific vision in my mind. Genderbend cosplays are usually more fun to me as well.

GeekPost: Favorite go to snack when you’re working on cosplay outfits?

Hey Jay: I’m such a moody eater so my snacks change out after I get tired of them lol, but I really do love corn nuts. My friends joke on me for it.

GeekPost: What is your favorite anime?

Hey Jay: Favorites are such hard questions for me! I’ve seen so many shows, but Sailor Moon is a comfort show. 

GeekPost: Do you have a dream cosplay that you’re working up to?

Hey Jay: I have a few actually but they’re in the concept or material collection stage. I haven’t started actually working on them. 

GeekPost: Are there any challenges that you’ve had to overcome within the cosplay community?

Hey Jay: When I decided to use natural hairstyles in cosplay, it wasn’t as common as it is now (that I saw) so there was just a lot of push-back in general for not being accurate. All of this generally comes from people who don’t cosplay, so I never really let it bother me that much. I don’t really cosplay for full accuracy – it’s for fun and if I do wind up being accurate or close to it then so be it. 

GeekPost: Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into cosplaying?

Hey Jay: Just have fun! It’s such a great time when you don’t worry about commentary from other people. I completely understand that people want to be recognized positively for their work, but don’t let the public take your joy and reasoning away from you. 

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Huge thank you goes out to Hey Jay for granting us an interview and giving us a small peek behind the scenes. Make sure you check her out by clicking any photo or her social media links above.