Monster Cherry Dolls Maker and Artist

There are many different kinds of geeks as we all know. We had a chance to interview Kori Sierras, the creator and owner of Monster Cherry Dolls. It takes a certain level of passion and creativity to not only create creepy and beautiful dolls, but also to share it with other fans of both dolls and the horror genre. We hope that you enjoy learning about Monster Cherry Dolls.

GeekPost: What made you get into beautiful spooky dolls as an art medium?

Kori S: I used to be terrified of dolls, especially porcelain ones! One day in 2015 a very strange porcelain doll found its way into my home. I was in love. I knew I wanted to make her even creepier than she already was and that’s where my obsession began.

GeekPost: Where do you draw inspiration from for your creepy creations?

Kori S: Satan! Just kidding (: I let the dolls speak to me. I keep all their original clothing and only paint and add clay to them. I want them to be spooky, but also cute. Kinda like pastel goths.

GeekPost: How long does it take you to design and create a doll? What can you tell us about your process?

Kori S: Depending on the size of the doll it takes anywhere from 24 hours up to 3/4 days to complete. I almost always paint the dolls a base coat of black to start with. That’s my blank canvas. I build up from there.

Monster Cherry Dolls Creator with Doll Head
Monster Cherry Dolls Artist with winning doll

GeekPost: Do you ever get attached to your art and not want to sell it?

Kori S: Omg most definitely! I have a huge collection of dolls that I just can’t part with. I did CreepyCon in Knoxville in August and one of my babies won the people’s choice award in a spooky doll competition. Needless to say he’s not going anywhere! I am so proud of him!

GeekPost: What would you say your most favorite piece so far has been?

Kori S: I’ve really enjoyed venturing out into clay. I’ve never worked with clay before; so it’s a brand new experience for me. I can add more character to a doll. But if I HAD to choose just one…i would say it is the baby that won the doll competition at CreepyCon. He’s just so creepy and cuddly.

GeekPost: On the business side of things, we see that you have great reviews for your dolls. What is your motto when it comes to customer service?

Kori S: I always try to go above and beyond what is expected of me as a seller. I offer free shipping and I always try to include a surprise with each order. It can be anything from a sticker to a reusable tote bag with my logo on it. People who invest in my art are investing in me, and I don’t want to let them down.

GeekPost: How hard is it to package and safely ship a doll?

Kori S: BUBBLE WRAP! There’s LOTS of bubble wrap! I have not had a doll arrive at their new home broken or disheveled and I honestly believe it is because I go overboard with the bubble stuff.

Monster Cherry Dolls Kori Sierras with Doll
Monster Cherry Dolls on Display

GeekPost: Since your dolls are horror themed, we deduce that you are a horror fan. What is your favorite horror movie/franchise?

Kori S: Insidious is by far my favorite franchise. Not a lot scares me, but those movies chill me to my core; especially the first one. I had night terrors with sleep paralysis when I was a kid until I was about 21 and the thought of leaving your body to explore another world when you’re sleeping scares the hell out of me!!

Thank you so much Kori Sierras of Monster Cherry Dolls for allowing us to interview you!You can find Kori Sierras of Monster Cherry Dolls at the social media links below.Don’t forget to check out the Monster Cherry Dolls store on Etsy!Photos by Angel Renee with Flashdoll Photography