Interview with Snowbright Studio

Being able to interview game companies allows us a peek behind the curtain. We sometimes feel privy to the goings on behind the scenes. We get to know game creators and learn about their upcoming projects. This time, we were able to get insight about Snowbright Studio from a few members of the game studio. We hope that you enjoy learning about Snowbright Studio.

GeekPost: What is your origin story?

Grace, CEO: Snowbright Studio was born out of a need for heartwarming games that spark imagination and inspire action. Several of us on the team are former teachers and educators who would often scrounge around to find games that could be used in classrooms, with kids, and with families… without things getting too awkward. It was surprisingly hard! Either we would find painfully unfun “educational” games or we would find fun games that just didn’t challenge our students in the right ways. We started out by creating educational games that crossed those two areas and found that more than just kids were interested in playing cozy, fun games! Since those early days, we’ve branched out to new types of games and new audiences but always with a mission of bringing something meaningful and unique to the table. It’s our sincere hope that our games help people think about the world in new and exciting ways.

GeekPost: Tell us about your latest project.

Carrie, Communications Manager: Our latest project is called ink. Ink is a tabletop roleplaying game that allows you to revisit much-loved TTRPG characters and NPCs that have met a sticky end in previous games. Players explore the afterlife as spirits, take on challenging bosses, and work on helping their characters let go of old burdens so that they can move on and exit the dangers that lay in the Ink. Continuing our theme of hot beverages from our other RPG, Teatime Adventures, players will also find quite a few spirited, inky cafés along the way! This has been an exciting project for us as it’s our first chance to let our spooky side show. You can learn more about ink by visiting its BackerKit Coming Soon page!

GeekPost: Here at Geek Post, we believe all are welcome. Inclusivity is very important to us. Similarly, the mission statement on your website is fantastic. How important is it to you that everyone feel welcome to play “Teatime Adventures” and “Birds of a Feather: Western North America”?

Quill, Creative Manager: It is so important that our games are inclusive and welcome all players. We’re a very empathic group of people who want to spread a positive message of support and understanding. Our games are designed to be accessible to all and reflect the great diversity of our world. It’s a cliche, but representation does matter. It’s so heartening to talk to people who feel seen because of a character they relate to in Teatime Adventures. Birds of a Feather is a very art-heavy game, so we made sure to provide accessibility kits to ensure blind and low-vis players could easily play. We want everyone to feel welcome at the gaming table.

GeekPost: What games inspire you and keep you coming back to the table?

Carrie, Communications Manager: We are a pretty diverse team when it comes to games, but overall our team likes games that tell a story and feel like they have a rich inner world. Games that allow for multiple strategies get your brain moving, and that can be played many times over and stay exciting and fun.

GeekPost: The concept behind “Teatime Adventures” is wonderful and in a word, heartwarming. How did this come about?

Grace, CEO: We’re fans of tabletop RPGs, but honestly, it can get kind of exhausting spending every session searching for loot and slaughtering minions! We noticed that sometimes all our group wanted to do was take a break and hang out in a cozy place for the week. Teatime Adventures came as an answer to that. It’s a warm blanket that you can put on when you need a break from mirthless, cold dungeons filled with lizard-y things. In the world of the Verdant Isles, swinging swords doesn’t help one bit, but helping the neighbor move some potted plants might! It’s a game about listening, helping, and being with one another. Something that we could all probably use a bit more of.

GeekPost: Do you consider yourself a geek?

Quill, Creative Manager: I absolutely am a geek and always have been! I grew up obsessed with old sci-fi and horror movies from my local library. My friends and I would read comics and trade Pokèmon cards. Those geeky obsessions influenced my creativity and have stuck with me as an adult. My house is covered in art with monsters, ghosts, and all manner of fantastical beings. I love being a geek!

GeekPost: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Carrie, Communications Manager: We do more than just make games. Snowbright Studio does a lot of “behind the scenes” work with major game companies, nonprofits, and government agencies on educational research, policy initiatives, and interactive media development.

Geek Post would like to thank everyone at Snowbright Studio for a great interview, especially Carrie, Grace and Quill.

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