Author: Amy Claxton

A Chat With Wet Ink Games

Gaming companies need talent, drive, imagination and a passion for game creation to succeed. It is no surprise that Wet Ink Games has checked all of these boxes and more!

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Interview with Snowbright Studio

Game creators often have a mission in mind, an objective when they go about creating a game. Snowbright Studio wants to provide a warm fun experience for all gamers, with Teatime Adventures, Birds of a Feather: Western North America, and soon Ink.

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Interview with Author T.C. Weber

What happens when the apocalypse comes, goes and leaves behind people who must find a way to keep going. Author T.C. Weber shares his unique vision of this in “The Survivors”.

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Interview with Hey Jay Cosplay

Getting a chance to learn more about cosplayers can be fun. Finding out what drives their enjoyment for cosplay and getting to see behind the makeup and costuming, can almost make others get excited about cosplaying, themselves!

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