Interview with Therin of Cozy Gamer

Shiny stones. Math rocks. It all comes down to dice. Wooden dice. Metal dice. Resin dice. Dice are highly collectible (especially for us dice dragons) and much needed for TTRPGs. Where game runners and players gather to play tabletop games in person, dice are essential. There is nothing quite like knowing your character’s fate depends on how you roll your next death save! This is where Cozy Gamer Shop comes in. Cozy Gamer provides gamers with quality dice, dice bags, dice trays and more. Let’s get to know Therin, the owner of Cozy Gamer.

GeekPost: How long have you been in the dice making business?

Therin: I just had my third-year anniversary!

GeekPost: What is your favorite material to create dice from?

Therin: Resin has been the best for creating floral and inclusion designs. Though, I also like designing with metal, gemstone, and wood!

GeekPost: Every business has its challenges to face. What have some of yours been?

Therin: Finding the time to do everything that needs to be done has been a huge challenge. Mostly, the shop is only run by me, Therin, the owner/creator. Designing, managing the website, creating listings, advertising, social media, customer service, packaging and shipping, photography, and so many other tasks are a lot for one person. But it’s so worth it to create beautiful objects that bring people joy.


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GeekPost: Are there any products that you use, personally for tabletop games?

Therin: Absolutely. Setting and character specific dice palettes and accessories add so much to the experience of tabletop role playing. My favorite dice set is Candy Rainbow and I always use my kitty-shaped dice rolling tray.

GeekPost: Do you enjoy tabletop gaming, in your spare time? What are your favorite TTRPGs to play?

Therin: I do! I am currently playing in two different campaigns and settings. They are both Dungeons and Dragons 5E rules, though only one is a DND setting. My other favorite TTRPGs so far have been Vampire the Masquerade and Lancer. Check out Lancer! It’s so cool!

GeekPost: Dice making is an art. What serves as your muse when it comes to the design process?

Therin: My mind is the type that gets overwhelmed with dice designs. They often come in the evening, especially when I am trying to sleep. I keep a dice-making journal ready at all times. I love color, color combinations in nature, fashion, and experiences. I like to create a feeling or mood or represent a setting or experience through my designs.

GeekPost: Have you been able to go to any conventions and meet new customers?

Therin: Not yet! I have been looking for my very first one, and I think I’ve found it! I would like to attend PAX Unplugged next winter.

GeekPost: What is one thing that makes Cozy Gamer  stand apart from companies that offer similar products?

Therin: My fun inclusion dice like bees, turtles, bird skulls, roses, and coffee beans; and love of pastels and pinks!

GeekPost: Every customer wants to feel like their time is important and that they matter to the companies they support. How does your business ensure that customers come away with a positive experience?

Therin: I don’t want anyone stuck with a set they’re not happy with. If there’s any issue with the dice set at all I send replacements. If packages get lost, I send new ones. My intention is to create beautiful artifacts that bring delight to the TTRPG community.

GeekPost: Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Therin: Thank you so much for reaching out to me for this interview! I hope you have an excellent upcoming spring.

Thank you to Therin of Cozy Gamer for agreeing to this interview.  Make sure you check out Cozy Gamer ‘s Website by clicking any image in this interview or by clicking Here.