Interview with Comic Artist Brian Gordon

From his time as a greeting card artist to his love of being a father Brian Gordon has been creating his comics to delight people since 2013. As a parent Brian pulls most of his inspiration from his everyday dealings in his own life with his children. Fowl Language has been shared millions of times across social media and in his full-time capacity as its master mind Brian is also now working on a newer project called Frankie Fearless. Brian took some time to answer some questions about his life and work.

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The Interview

GeekPost:  How long have you drawn cartoons? What about being a cartoonist appealed to you?

Brian G: I’ve wanted to be a cartoonist since I was six and saw an interview with Charles Schulz on tv. He seemed like he was having lots of fun, so I decided I’d do that when I grew up. 

GeekPost: What is your process like?

Brian G: Lots of blank stares and time staring at a blank page in my notebook, followed by frantic late night drawing sessions.

GeekPost: Are there any cartoonists that have served as an inspiration for you and your work?

Brian G: Charles Schulz, of course. Bill Watterson and Berkeley Breathed were also huge for me. The first time I saw a Far Side cartoon was like a musician discovering the Beatles. It blew my mind how funny it was.

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GeekPost: When you’re not busy with Fowl Language Comics (great name, by the way), what are your hobbies?

Brian G: I love putting together Sci-if models and taking cheap action figures and doing re-paints on them so they look like the higher-end toys that I can’t afford! I also enjoy video games when my kids aren’t hogging the tv. I’ve also started dabbling into cosplay a bit and was able to assemble a pretty convincing Mandalorian costume this past year. Fingers crossed for a Boba Fett costume in 2022.

GeekPost: I know that you are not only a geek but also a parent. How do your kids feel about your work?

Brian G: Long story short: they don’t. Which is freeing in a way. As much as I wish they followed and appreciated my work, they actively ignore it, which hurt my feelings initially. But at least now I know I can write about them without them knowing it!

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GeekPost: Any advice that you would give aspiring cartoonists?

Brian G: That it’s harder than it looks and takes longer than you’d think. If you get into it for the money, you’re in for a rude awakening. That said, I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.

GeekPost: Where is the best place fans can find your work and support you?

Brian G: My primary source of income is through the Tinyview app, which I’m constantly trying to get people to download and follow me on.

GeekPost: What challenges do you face when you’re trying to come up with new comic issues?


Brian G: With Fowl Language it’s a matter of trying to not repeat myself. The stuff the kids do that drive me nuts is pretty consistent, so it can be a challenge to come up with new ways to joke about well-covered topics. With my new series, Frankie Fearless, it’s a whole new challenge since it’s narrative. It’s been a fun challenge to try and juggle writing with an underlying story arc in mind while still maintaining the gag-a-day format. 

GeekPost: What was your inspiration for your other comic “Frankie Fearless”?  Have you ever had any paranormal adventures yourself?

Brian G: I haven’t! I’m quite the skeptic actually. That said, when I’m alone in the dark sometimes all my logic and skepticism goes out the window. As for inspiration, she’s sort of an amalgamation of my two daughters and all their many quirks and insecurities. 

GeekPost: What is one thing that people might be surprised to learn about you?

Brian G: I’ve never not-surprised someone when I tell them I have a master’s degree in illustration from a respectable university. I’ve also completely dropped my New England accent after 2 decades in the Midwest, but it’s been known to return after a few drinks. 

GeekPost: In the near to far future, are there any new projects that you’d like to announce?

Brian G: My fondest desire right now would be to expand to other media. See if I can take my comics into animation. That’s ideally where I’m headed. Prior to that I’m just hoping to get Frankie Fearless collected into a first book in the not-too-distant future. 

GeekPost: One last thing…what does being a geek mean to you?

Brian G: For me it means finding joy and community in the quirky things you love and ignoring the people who don’t understand your weird passions for said things. 

The GeekPost would like to thank Brian Gordon for taking time to let us get to know him and his work. You can support Brian at TINY VIEW and make sure to follow all of his social media to keep up with everything he has in the works.

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