If you enjoy pop culture collectibles, then chances are that you have heard of NECA. If you haven’t, they are the National Entertainment Collectibles Association. NECA has manufactured collectible toys since 2002; their specialty is licensed merchandise. They sell action figures, statues, dioramas, prop replicas, and more. NECA has become synonymous with the horror genre.

NECA recently announced an addition to their collectible toy line for “Halloween”: the “Ultimate Michael Myers & Dr Loomis 2-Pack”. The figures are 7” replicas of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis from “Halloween II”, the sequel to John Carpenter’s “Halloween”. Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis are locked in an intense fight, inside the same hospital where Laurie gets admitted, after the events of “Halloween”. The release of this special 2-pack set is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the release of Halloween II.

These figures are realistic and exquisite in detail, thanks in large part to their use of digital printing. The results are accurate and the figures’ facial features are precise.  The 2-pack comes with almost everything you can think of, to recreate the iconic fire scene. Here’s a rundown of the accessories listed on NECA’s official website: “interchangeable hands, lighter hand for Dr. Loomis, 2 handguns, pumpkin, extra arms for Dr. Loomis, hammer, syringe, knife, scalpel, fire effect, and a “bloody tears” head for Michael Myers.”

This amazing must-have collector’s item for any Halloween fan is set for release sometime this December, coming to a retail store near you. Trust this Halloween fan when I say this set is joining my horror action figure collection this holiday season.

To find out more about this product and other NECA collectibles visit them on the web. All images obtained and used with permission from NECA.

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