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Geeks always seem to find ways to display their love for different fandoms and things they are passionate about. Cosplay is no different. Cosplay is the act of dressing like your favorite character, a concept, or even an original character. We wanted our readers to learn more about cosplay, so we asked Adalemonaide if she wouldn’t mind indulging us with an interview. Get to know Adalemonaide with us!

GeekPost: When did you first start cosplaying?

Adalemonaide: I began at age 13 and continued through high school off and on as a hobby. I wasn’t as passionate about it back then as I am now, but it was still just as fun!

GeekPost: How did you come up with your name?

Adalemonaide: The name Adalemonaide came from mashing Adalaide Lemon together, which I used as a silly stage name in the past – because of my love for lemonade and Liz Lemon from ‘30 Rock.’ So I just put Lemon in the middle of Adalaide and liked the way that it sounded. But sometimes I wonder if people just think I don’t know how to spell Lemonade correctly. Lol.

GeekPost: Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

Adalemonaide: It’s so hard to choose! Favorites are probably Leeloo, Mara Jade or Deku!

GeekPost: What is your favorite part about cosplaying?

Adalemonaide: Going to cons! And I haven’t been in so long due to the pandemic. I’m glad they are coming back now, but I look forward to a time when things are fully back to normal.

Adalemonaide in Leeloo Cosplay
Adalemonaide Samus Cosplay

GeekPost: Are there any [geeky] things you do when you’re not cosplaying?

Adalemonaide: Larp!! (Live Action Role Playing) I hit people with foam swords!

GeekPost: What is your least favorite thing about cosplay?

Adalemonaide: The gatekeeping that some people do. I’ve rarely experienced it at cons, but online people will say things they would never utter in person. It’s a shame. I encounter it a little less now, but in the beginning it almost put me off of cosplay. 

GeekPost: What has been your most difficult or intensive cosplay project so far?

Adalemonaide: Magik, which I’m still currently working on. She’s been a beast to make!

GeekPost: Are you planning any future appearances?

Adalemonaide: I’m not quite sure yet with the virus still raging, but I’ll definitely make an announcement when it’s decided!

GeekPost: How do you usually come up with your cosplay projects?

Adalemonaide: I find properties and characters that I love or that just have super cool costumes! Then, if I didn’t know it already, I end up loving the property through the amount of research I do when I start building.

Adalemonaide StarFox Cosplay

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Adalemonaide Cosplay Star Trek

GeekPost: What would you like to tell people about body positivity?

Adalemonaide: Any body can cosplay. Cosplay is about the love of the character, not your clothing size. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you shouldn’t cosplay a certain character because you “don’t have the body for it.” Those people are dreadful. For example, I have encountered people telling me that I’m too skinny or don’t have big enough boobs for certain characters. I do not let that influence my cosplans, but it does make me sad sometimes. I’m human. If you’d like to hear me speak more extensively on this subject, just watch my YouTube video.

Adalemonaide Cosplay Sci Fi

GeekPost: Any advice for people that want to get into cosplay?

Adalemonaide: The most real answer I can give is this: Don’t get into cosplay if you are simply wanting thousands of followers on social media. Do cosplay because you love costumes and dressing up. As long as that is your intention, you really can’t go wrong. So have fun, enjoy it, and remember that there are LOTS of different kinds of cosplay (casual, screen accurate, bikini, closet, mash-up, lingerie, genderbend/crossplay, plus so much more) and it’s ALL valid cosplay!

The Geek Post would like to thank Adalemonaide for agreeing to this interview; it has been a real treat!


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